The Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai, India, is a ‘community driven’ endeavor. Redefining the ability of the community to reach out to the less fortunate Punjabis, this association works towards rejuvenating the ‘Charity Begins at Home’ adage. A humble start around 3 years back, the Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai is today associated with giving artists within the Punjabi community a common rostrum in the metro. Initiatives in the form of the Diwali Milan and charitable programs enable the association to bring together Punjabis who have made Mumbai home. Being an integral part of the Financial Capital of the Nation makes the organization rich in contributors and services.




Recognizing the Punjabi Spirit:
Today, Punjabis all over the world are making India proud as entrepreneurs, politicians and artists. The Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai works towards integrating this strength and realizing the unifying and community-empowering goals of:



  • Bringing to the forefront the potential of Punjabi folk art and successfully uniting the community in the metro
  • Initiate charitable programs funded by the well to do in the community to help the less fortunate Punjabis
  • Generating a Mumbai-rostrum for all community members to identify and communicate with one another 


It is to this end that the Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai organizes Diwali Milan. This spectacular event is held around the festival of Diwali each year. Like the Festival of Lights, the event uses the association and available funds to generate a ripple-on effect in making the community aware of the less fortunate who depend on patronage. Diwali Milan has been very successful and is designed to be an ongoing endeavor.
The event gives every Punjabi in the metro a chance to do his or her bit for the community. It is also used as a rostrum by artists of Punjabi folk dance and music to rub shoulders with the luminaries from Bollywood and display their art. The Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai works towards empowering the community members through the celebrations.




Charity begins at Home!
Other than Diwali Milan, the Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai organizes regular drives to realize its goals. Regular appeals to the glitterati from within the community and now a website, makes the association and its noble ideals visible to one and all. A platform for local art, the association reveals the very soul of Punjabi culture! It is heartening to note that the organization is now synonymous with being a cumulative ad collaborative effort – A program of, for and by the Punjabis of Mumbai.



Furthering the interests of the community members that are well to do, the Mumbai Suburban Punjabi Association of Mumbai offers ample chance to equate prosperity and charity. All the programs initiated within the association are being patronized by Punjabis who have left a permanent mark on the Spirit of Mumbai. Now, the onus is on every Punjabi, generators of headlines or otherwise, to take the endeavor onto a whole new level. And it is to this end that the website and online presence is consecrated. Walking on the sands of time…Banking on rhythm and rhyme!

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