The Indian state of Punjab, or the Land of the Five Rivers, has always been highlighted as the ‘Land of the Hardy’ too! True to this epithet, Punjab has given the country politicians, warriors, freedom fighters, diligent agriculturists, industrialists and above all an array of artists. Throughout the terrain, connoisseurs of the fine arts keep improving on local culture and heritage to move on to a more truly globalised rostrum.


Today, the role played by the Punjabis in illuminating the torch of Indian success even further cannot be ignored. The community is recognized the world over, and especially in the country, as a force to reckon with. Luminaries like President Manmohan Singh and contributors to the National Defense Machinery make the community an indispensible part of the Indian fabric. The need to garner resources and enable the less fortunate within the community to has been an ongoing effort from within the sacred walls of every Guru Dwara in the country and outside of it. It is to this end that the Punjabi Association of Mumbai also works.


Setting timeless goals:
The noble and very humble beginning of this organization around three years back is one led by the sole onus to rejuvenate and revive the Punjabi folk art and music in the metro to fund charitable work. The organization works along aims and objectives designed to realize three main goals:

  • Revive and recognize the potential of Punjabi folk art in uniting the community and nation
  • Organize charitable programs to further the interests of the less fortunate within the community
  • Offer the beacons of the immunity in the metro of Mumbai a rostrum to identify and communicate from


The endeavor is driven towards enabling the community, especially the well-to-do patrons in Mumbai, to reach out to the economically weaker segments in the community through a rostrum that is truly theirs. Punjabi Association of Mumbai has been striving very hard to also use the organization as a means of bringing together members at least once a year to address the aims, objectives and needs of the platform provided. The help thus received by way of funds or donation in kind is redirected to the needs of the less fortunate Punjabis already registered with the Association and even those not yet registered for help.


An endeavor that is selfless:
The whole undertaking is garnered to uplift the community and use the art forms from the Land of the Five Rivers as he common bond. Today, Punjabi music and dance forms are a hit not only on Indian terrain but across the globe. Pooling in resources and making it possible for the art forms from the northern Indian state visible within the metro are the two driving aims of the Punjabi Association of Mumbai. ‘Selfless Service’ is the motto that illuminates the intent behind the organization. This association is dedicated to everything the state of Punjab represents – Courage, Productivity and Generosity! The ability to reach out within the community is now accessible to Punjabis in Mumbai!


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