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As in any community, unless patronage is from within, there is no scope for progress – and the same applies to the Punjabi Association of Mumbai. Today, three years after initiation, the association continues to appeal within the community for funds and patronage in kind to help the less fortunate Punjabis. The Spirit of Punjab can only be kept alive and throbbing if upheld and infused with energy from community members around the country, and world. The Punjabi Association of Mumbai is a common rostrum offered to this end.


Lofty ideals, simple undertaking:
The ideals and aims of the association are not only to provide monetary and help in kind to the less fortunate, but to also provide artists with a scope to entertain and get recognized. Every year the association convenes at the Diwali Milan program, in Mumbai. Beyond the celebrations around the Festival of Lights, the objectives to unite and serve selflessly are ingrained in everyone present. The association organizes drives to collaborate amongst the established Punjabi artists and entrepreneurs based in Mumbai. In this way it also initiates and encourages members and non-member patrons to support the interests of the less fortunate and struggling Punjabis. After all, it takes just one step to start a marathon, right?


In step with the community needs:
It is more the spirit of unity and common identity that the Punjabi Association of Mumbai encourages than spiritless charity. The organization has wholeheartedly committed its self to ensuring that every member within the community is upheld and given a chance to shine.  It is imperative for every Punjabi to be sensitive to the needs of other Punjabis. It is here that the Punjabi Association of Mumbai steps in and generates a binding force. Mumbai is enriched by the presence of an association that is slowly influencing many others to reach out and take up accountability.


Diwali Milan organized each year epitomizes the Punjabi spirit and selfless outreach. Other than this celebration, the association indulges in consistent efforts to make donations – in cash or kind, available to the needy. Taking the vision of the Guru to the desired strata, the Punjabi Association of Mumbai strives without respite. After all it is not until the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib leave the confines of the Guru Dwara that the true Punjabi spirit will endure. Mumbai’s Punjabi Association is functioning out of humble quarters to this end.


An ongoing appeal is made to all Punjabis in and beyond the metro, to unite and take a stand, pledging to give the less fortunate one a new lease in life. Known around the world for being a hardy lot, Punjabis are now making a huge difference even within the Financial Capital of India. Industrialists, service staff, entrepreneurs and artists are an integral part of the Punjabi Association of Mumbai. The common goal is to reach out and enrich! It is only through selfless giving that we can make a difference, and what better rostrum than the Punjabi Association of Mumbai!

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